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About us:

Being a young and educated entreprenaur Yasar Çilkız built the first private paper factory Yasar Ambalaj in Nizip, Gaziantep in 1974. This first step was the the early milestones of Yasar Ambalaj. Yasar Ambalaj started with just producing gray carton, then opened up another factory in the textile city of Gaziantep to produce paper tubes and cones. Noticing this big need in textile industry, Yasar Ambalaj became one of the top suppliers in Turkey, EU countries and Turkic Republics. After being successful in paper field, Yasar Group continued its success in other fields. Secondly private Yasar Hospital opened up in İstanbul, then aviation and tourism sectors were added to the successful group of companies.

After the big success of these companies the second generation of the family started managing these companies with great experience and education to lead the grou to becoming a Holding. Having the same entrepreneur excitement for the companies the siblings followed Yaşar Çilkız’s point of view. They added the paper factory in Malatya which belonged to the goverment in the Yasar Group.

Yasar ambalaj is producing 18 million of the total 75 milllion of paper cone production in the textile industry of Turkey.
We take pride in where Yasar Group came in 41 years of its successful life.

Contact Information:

Address: Havaalanı Yolu Karacasu Beldesi 3. Km Başpınar / GAZİANTEP
Phone: +90 342 251 29 07
Fax: +90 342 236 33 07
E-mail: info@yasargroup.com

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