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One of the first private health institutions in Turkey, Primer Hospital has been proudly serving its patients over 30 years with the same dignity, work ethic, honesty and care. With a big update in its technology and total renewal of its information systemS in 2004 Primer has been serving with a new vision.

Being establish on a 1500 sq mt area, Yasar Hospital operates 24 hours a day with 25 beds capacity and smart technology thru out the building. There are total three surgery areas in Yasar Hospital; one in emergency care and two as local care. Two floors are set up with beds with dialysis care and two floors with regular beds. The hospital has Surgical Intensive Care and Newborn Intensive care centers. All of the patient rooms have centeralized oxygen, pressured air and vacuum systems. Intesive care areas have air conditioners with Hepa filter stations.

Laparoscopic and arthroscopicsurgeries are being done at Yasar Hospital. Yasar Hospital has microbiology laboratory, ultrasound X-ray, and mammography machines. The hospital also has kidney stone breaking unit and fully operated dialysis areas. Additionally Yasar Hospital also has Mammography, Doopler-Colored X-Ray, invasive monitors, respiratory supporting vantilators in intensive care areas, automatic anesthesia devices, incubators, and phototherapy devices can be found in our high tech hospital.


Yasar Hospital Contact Info:

Bakırköy İncirli Caddesi No: 22 Bakırköy / İstanbul
Phone: +90 (212) 543 51 51  Fax: +90 (212) 570 56 65
E-mail: info@ozelyasarhastanesi.com
Web: www.ozelyasarhastanesi.com

Yaşar Dialysis Contact Info:

Kartaltepe Mh. İncirli Cad. Umut Sok. Uğur Apt. No: 7/A Bakırköy / İSTANBUL- TÜRKİYE
Phone: +90 (212) 466 15 00  
Fax: +90 (212) 466 15 00

Yaşar Hastanesi    Yaşar Hastanesi    Yaşar Hastanesi    Yaşar Hastanesi

Yaşar Hastanesi    Yaşar Hastanesi    Yaşar Hastanesi    Yaşar Hastanesi

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